Episode 1:  Carter… Nick Carter

Posted February 17, 2007

Agent 008, otherwise known as 00Carter, Nick Carter, is on a mission.  He’ll stop at nothing to find his “precious,” even if it means interrogating every member of Himitsu Takana.


Episode 2:  Idolize Me

Posted April 3, 2007

When terrorists threaten to foil the Global Idol finals, Nick and Diamond must go undercover as contestants in the reality singing competition.


Episode 3:  Remember Me

Posted June 26, 2007

An encounter with his former friend – now his nemesis – forces Nick to relive his fateful last mission, as he and the rest of HimTak fight to stop a new terrorist organization from taking over the world.


Episode 4:  Ice, Ice Baby

Posted March 15, 2008

The rivalry between 00Carter and CIA Agent Brian Littrell has always been heated, but when their joint mission to track down a stolen weapon takes them to Antarctica, they’ll have to cool their hot tempers and try to work together.  It takes teamwork to save the polar ice caps from being melted by a madman and his moonwalking penguin!


Episode 5:  Bunnies in Black

Posted August 11, 2008

While Nick’s away, the Carter Girls will play!  But it’s far from fun and games when Diamond, Emerald, Red Jewel, and Pearl put on their bunny ears to pose as Playboy Playmates.  Can the Bunnies get to the bottom of a mystery at the Mansion before they have to get up close and personal with Hugh Hefner’s bottom?


Episode 6:  It’s a Small World

Posted December 1, 2008

A surprise vacation turns into a mission when the heroes of HimTak track the villains of F.A.N.S. to Walt Disney World, where the evil Dr. Rough is working on a plot that will turn the happiest place on Earth into a living hell.


Episode 7:  Here Ye Be Pirates

Posted March 8, 2009

Nick, AJ, and Emerald are back in Florida to investigate a series of sea monster sightings and supposed pirate attacks around the Bermuda Triangle.  But when they end up aboard an actual pirate ship, they’ll find more than stolen treasure… and face worse than tentacles.


Episode 8:  FANthrax

Posted November 1, 2009

Nick and Brian accompany Red Jewel on a mission to Toronto to investigate the outbreak of a mystery illness that is killing Canadians.  Could this apparent case of bioterrorism be connected to Dr. Rough?  When one of the agents comes down with the sickness, the others must catch the culprit and find a cure, before it’s too late!


Episode 9:  Wreckage in a Winter Wonderland

Posted February 19, 2010

When a skating superstar is kidnapped at the Winter Olympics, the whole world wants answers.  It’s up to 00Carter and Diamond Divine to find the missing figure skater and save the Olympic Games – with a little help from their fabulous friend Mr. Lancybassy, of course!


Episode 10:  Catch Her If You Can

Posted June 25, 2011

The agents of HimTak go on a globetrotting quest to catch a crook who’s been stealing priceless books.  But where in the world is Tanja Copenhagen?


Special Holiday Episode:  A 00Carter Christmas

Posted December 24, 2012

In this very special episode, narrated by 00Carter and Drums, Dr. Rough is trying to steal Christmas… but not if Nick and the rest of HimTak have anything to say about it!

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