Exciting News!



Don’t worry, Dreamer’s Sanctuary is not down, nor is it closing, nor has it been hacked.  You will be able to proceed to the regular site in a minute.


BUT FIRST, a big announcement!



I am so excited to finally be able to share this news with you.  I have kept it to myself for such a long time, not wanting to jinx myself or disappoint my readers if things didn’t work out.  But they did, and now I can tell you, without a doubt, that my story “Broken” is going to be published!


Broken?  Published??  But how can you publish a fanfic? you might be asking.  Aren’t there legal issues with having the Backstreet Boys as characters?


Yes, which is why I rewrote Broken as a purely fictional story, not a Bsb fic.  As you may know, I am an elementary school teacher, and it has always been a dream of mine to write a children’s book.  I realized that, at its roots, Broken is a story of courage, friendship, and acceptance – all themes that are ideal for quality children’s literature.  So I decided to take the basic idea and rewrite it as a picture book for a much younger audience.


Many months later, my dream has been realized, as Broken is finally coming out in print.  You will soon be able to find it in bookstores and libraries across the country and share it with your children, younger siblings, students, or just enjoy it yourself.


For more details and to order, please visit the brand new website for Broken.


Thanks for all your support and encouragement, and I hope you enjoy the book! J






Broken… a picture book by Julie Lewis


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