This is an archive of the older stories and other content of the Backstreet Boys fan fiction website Dreamerís Sanctuary.






In April of 2000, I started Dreamerís Sanctuary as a place to post my first few awkward attempts at writing fan fiction.Over the next decade, the website grew from a small, simple Geocities page featuring a few stories to a sprawling domain that hosted over a hundred stories.As of December 2012, Dreamerís Sanctuary was home to 174 stories, making it one of the largest and longest-running BSB fan fiction collections on the internet.


In January of 2013, I redesigned the site on Wordpress, giving it a sleeker look and more modern feel, as well as better functionality for my visitors.While this was a major upgrade for the site, I decided to downsize on its contents.I discontinued hosting services and moved only my own stories written in the last decade to the new site.However, I decided to archive all the older stories here, in an effort to preserve them online.


What will you find in this archive?You will find stories written by me between 2000 and 2002, as well as all the stories hosted by Dreamerís Sanctuary as of December 2012.You will also find extras from the old site that are not posted on the new one.These pages are no longer being updated.For more current content, visit the new site at







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