A lot of people complain about the so-called “rivalry” between *NSYNC and BSB.  I say, bring it on!  Whether you like to admit it or not, BSB and *NSYNC ARE rivals in the music business.  Friendly rivals maybe *cough*bullshit*cough*, but still, they are rivals because they’re so similar *cough*copycats*cough*.  Anyway, despite what the *NSYNC teenyboppers might say, we BSB fans all know the truth – BSB is the better group, hands down.


The comments in italics on this page are my own.  Other than that, unless otherwise specified, none of this material is mine.  It was created and sent to me by other people, who are credited as much as possible (although many of the original creators are unknown).  Not every submission reflects my own personal opinion, and none of it is meant to be taken seriously.  This is merely entertainment and all in good fun.





God made Coke

God made Pepsi

God made BSB so damn sexy


God made rivers

God made lakes

God made *NSYNC

Hey, we all make mistakes

(No idea who actually came up with this, but it’s a classic.)



And here’s a variation on that one.  Thanks, Lindsay, for sending it!


God made elks

God made deers
God made *NSYNC a bunch of queers




Reasons Why BSB is Larger Than Life & *NSYNC is Gone


This is a list I got from my friend Shawn in an email.  I don’t know who wrote it, but it’s quite funny and very true.

1) The Backstreet Boys have the best fans in the world. I know this because they actually tell us! Even if they don't say it directly, well... "All you people can't you see, can't you see? How your love's affecting our reality?" "We're standing strong because of what you've done." ...they thanked us through two songs that they've dedicated to us, the fans. Has *NSYNC ever done that? Noooooo...
2) Which of these lyrics sound more INTELLIGENT?

a. "Dirty, dirty pop!"
b. "In your eyes I see all the love I'll ever need. What makes you different makes you beautiful to me..."


3) When BSB went to Rio De Janeiro, their bus was chased by thousands of fans who were hungry for their music. See, they're known worldwide. As for *NSYNC, well, put them in Rio and they'll probably have just ONE fan chasing them. And that "fan" was probably paid to chase them. See Chris? The things that you're mommy does for you!


4) Okay, here's something that the two groups have in common: the both play jokes on each other. Only difference is that when BSB joke around, they look cute, and when the *NSYNC members joke around, they look (and even *NSYNC fans tell me this) just plain stupid.


5) BSB are only making music cause it's what they love to do the most. I wish I could say the same for *NSYNC! It used to be about their annoying music, now it's all about making money through *NSYNC movies, dolls, bed sheets, lip gloss, and now toilet paper?! Eewwww! I don't want Justin's chia pet hair scratchin' my behind!


6) Have any of the Backstreet Boys ever pushed a fan against a wall? No, because they're much too sweet for that. Has an *NSYNC member done that? *imitates Justin's whiny voice* "But she said JC was cuter!"


7) Let's compare *NSYNC and BSB in the same situation:

*NSYNC: "Oh $#*^!!!! The microphones are screwed up! Cancel the show! We cannot perform like this! What? We don't care if the fans wasted their money to see us!"

BSB: *Begin to sing a capella beautifully*
8) Hey, did you know that a BSB member and an *NSYNC member share the same birthday? Let's compare them:

Nick: ::Made a comic book which features the BSB as super heroes who want to save the world through music. (Very limited violence.):: Keep up the good work Nicky!

Joey: ::Seems to think he's Superman:: Look Joey, we know that you're a huge fan, but don't you think Superman bed sheets, pillows, stuffed toys, toothbrushes, underwear, and socks are a bit too much?


9) Can someone please explain to me why Justin thinks it's cool to spit all over himself in the Pop video?


10) Two of the BSB are already married. What's my point? HELLO?! Awesome achievement, major! I mean, come on! *NSYNC fans think it's awesome that none of their members are married. Excuse me while I laugh hysterically...


11) Okay, okay... I'll admit it. The lights and special affects at *NSYNC concerts are cool. But don't you think the whole point in going to concerts is to hear your favorite artist sing and not to make yourself blind?


12) The Backstreet Boys work as a team. All of them have wonderful voices and they ALL sing. You know, *NSYNC may just as well be renamed "Justin and the Timberlakes." Okay, so maybe JC sings too, but does that make it any better? They could at least let the other members sing, no matter how badly their voices suck.


13) Don't you think it's interesting how many *NSYNC fans think it's cool to try to tear up BSB with comments like
            a. "They're too old!"
            b. "Nick is fat!"
            c. "Howie's hair looks like an Indian's!"
            d. "BSB can't sing, they suck!"


Okay, let me clarify these comments:

a. Why would BSB be too old? Their youngest member is only 21 and the oldest is only 30.

b. You know, to ridicule the human form is a sign of our own insecurities and immaturity. I might be immature, but just thank God that I didn't start a 2 page description of Joey Fat One.

c. Now, what's wrong with Howie's Indian-ish hair? If any Backstreet haters ever said that on a message board or something, I can guarantee that I or someone else will find the 13i+ch within all of us and report you to AOL for hateful and/or discriminating comments. Besides, he cut it already, so are you happy now?!

d. Actually, how much BSB's music is worth is your own opinion. However, if they sucked so much, why do they have millions of fans screaming their names all around the world? Why do they sell millions of copies of their albums? Why do those albums go multi-platinum? Why do they get nominated for countless awards? Why do they win a lot of those awards? Why did they win a World Music Award? (Emphasis on the word WORLD.) Think before you speak.

14) To add on to #13, I find it sad how many *NSYNC fans think the best way to endorse their pathetic little group of musicians is to make fun of another group. You see, us BSB fans are a little bit more creative. To endorse them, we request their songs on radio stations, blow bubbles during their crowd bonding ballad at concerts, write fan mail that says a little more than just "I love you!!". We also post good things about them in their message board. My theory is that a lot of *NSYNC fans spend more time dissing BSB than they fulfill their fan duties for their group. Sad, very sad.


15) What do BSB sing about? Love, forgiveness, breaking up, taking a stand when the world seems to fall apart, loving yourself for what you have inside, love and support from the fans, how they've changed through time.... in other words, deep, mature stuff. What does *NSYNC sing about? *still doesn't know, still trying to figure out what the whole point in "Bye Bye Bye" was*
16) More people like BSB, period. (See 17, 18, and 19.)
17) *BSB music starts playing* "Mama, are we in heaven? I hear the voices of angels." "No honey, you are hearing the voices of the Backstreet Boys."
**NSYNC music starts playing* "Mama, are cats and old ladies being tortured nearby?" "No honey, you are hearing the voices of Justin and JC and those other three guys."


18) *BSB walks into the room* "Mama, who are those handsome men?"
**NSYNC walks into the room* "Mama, did the gorillas escape from the zoo?"


19) *BSB's blond one walks in the little girl's direction* "Mama, who is that?" "That is Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys."
**NSYNC's blond one walks in the little girl's direction* "MAMA!!! A gorilla is chasing me!" "No, no honey. That is not a gorilla, that is an albino with yellow hair. His name is Lance Bass."


20) I wish *NSYNC could just be more original. BSB were here first and they got signed on to Jive Records. Years later *NSYNC forms and they get signed on to RCA Records, then they switch to Jive. Oh, then they hire the same producers as BSB, get the same manager, and writers too... *weird*


21) Which is worse: the uniting of two people under the eyes of God, or defying God by having a child out of wedlock?  I find it funny how two of the Backstreet Boys get ridiculed by *NSYNC fans for getting married, but when a member of *NSYNC has an illegitimate child, it’s just great.  That seems a little backwards to me.  And from what I understand, Joey has no plans to marry the girl either.  At least BSB knows that the order is marriage, THEN kids. (Thanks to Miranda for this point!)


22) Unlike *NSYNC, Backstreet does charities for the common good of everybody, not their image.  Their charities make a difference in the world, not their career. (Thanks for Kristin for this point!)



Three Wishes


The following joke was forwarded to me once.  I can’t remember who sent it to me, and I don’t have the email anymore, but I found the joke on another website.  I don’t know who actually made it up, though.


BSB, *NSYNC, and Britney Spears were walking down a beach. They came to a bottle and decided to rub it.  Of course, Christina Aguilera popped out.  She said, "I will give each of you a wish, so that's three wishes in all."

Britney went first.  "I'm going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone soon and I want to look really sexy."


Christina nodded and said, "Done."  Soon Britney's body had lots of curves.

*NSYNC went next.  "We want a city named after us, with a big wall around it so no one will bother us."


Christina nodded and said, "Done."  *NSYNC were put inside their city.


The BSB said, "Tell us more about this wall."

"Well, it's fifty feet high, five feet thick, and no one in the city can get out, and no one can get in," she explained.

The BSB smiled.  "Fill it with water.”






Thanks to Lindsey for sending me this great parody of *NSYNC’s “Pop”.  Not sure who actually wrote it, but it’s genius!


Sick and tired of hearin

All these people talk about

NSync is on top now

And they're never gonna fade out


The thing you got to realize

What they're doin is just a trend

They got the gift of lipsynching

It's gonna bring them to and end



(It doesn't matter)

About the ugly dolls

Or the triflin ass lip gloss

(All that matters)

Is that the fans realize

That they're gonna get ripped off

(It doesn't matter)

That 3 never sing

Just Justin and JC

(All that matters)

That everyone knows

Whose got the better CD




Do you ever wonder why

When Justin sings he whines

They act like they are 9


Not as cute as Frack

And all your songs are whack

And you think that you can rap

It must be...CRAP


Piece of's straight up whack

(We never liked that)

Piece of CRAP


Now, teenie fans try to justify

The stupid things they do

Justin if you ever pushed me

I'd smack the shit outta you


They thought it'd end

And jumped for joy

When Bri and Kev got hitched

Well Joey stuck it in

Twirled it around

And now the tables switched






Man, I'm tired of ya'll singing




*NSYNC: MTV Ass-Kissers


Recently, a lot of BSB fans, myself included, have begun to realize how much MTV truly sucks.  Even the teenyboppers seem to be catching on to how horribly crappy MTV – after all, the video for “Help Me” dropped off TRL’s countdown before it retired, so obviously, the boppers weren’t doing their job and voting.  Does that mean they don’t like Nick anymore?  Hells no.  It just means that like most of the rest of us, they have realized the evil of MTV.  The following letter, written by “sum1 new” to MTV, proves yet again why MTV sucks so much.


This is not only my opinion, but also those of other music fans. Whenever BSB are there, on trl or some other show, you praise them and love them, but we all know you could care less. You favor NSYNC and even though its obvious that BSB have a better success than them, you act as if they are nothing. You tell us if you can prove us wrong...

BSB's Black & Blue sells 8 million copies. MTV calls it a failure.
NSync's Celebrity sells 5 million copies. MTV calls it a success.

BSB's B&B tour shows are almost sold out. MTV calls it a failure.
Nsync's Celebrity tour is thousands short of a sell out audience. MTV calls it "a musical experience."

BSB have 5 leads. MTV calls them a boy band.
NSync has 1 annoying lead & 4 invisible back-up singers. MTV calls them a vocal-harmony group.

BSB has fans all over the world and many world tours under their belt. MTV says BSB are fading.
NSync never leaves the U.S. MTV calls Nsync "the biggest group in the world."

I wonder how much money Nsync pays MTV each month?




Nick, Justin, and Britney on a Train


Thanks to Mersey for sending me this joke (I don’t know who actually wrote it).


Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter, and Britney Spears are sitting together in a train traveling through the Midwest, when the train enters a tunnel, and the car goes completely dark. There's a kissing noise, and then the sound of a really loud slap.  When the train comes out of the tunnel, Britney, and Nick are sitting as if nothing had happened, and Justin is holding his slapped face.


Justin is thinking, "Nick must have kissed Britney, and she swung at him and missed, slapping me instead."

Britney is thinking, "Justin must have tried to kiss me, accidentally kissed Nick, and then got slapped for it."


Nick is thinking, "This is great. The next time the train goes through a tunnel, I'll make another kissing noise and hit that asshole Justin Timberlake again."






I actually recently got a piece of hatemail from a disgruntled *NSYNC bopper who stumbled onto this page and thought she’d email me about it.  So naturally I replied and since I think this is my first ever hatemail, I decided to make a section for it on this site just like all the humor sites do!  So *NSYNC boppers, if you’re out there, feel free to share your opinions, cause I definitely enjoy hearing them, especially if you write in Teenybopperese.


Round 1

Here is my first ever hatemail, from a bopper named Steph:


I Read ur shit about BSB bein better than Nsync,Make Sure ur Facts are strait before you print the shit,Nsync was formed when BSB was they were in Flordia singin in bars,clubs,resturants,and probably any where they could sing at.They WERE NOT Put together by Lou Perlman,Unlike BSB They were all Friends Before hand,They were Given Johnny wright as a manager in 1995/1996 when they went to go get a record deal.He Found Pearlman and then he told them to go to Europe like BSB.They Earned Just as much respect if not more than BSB Because you can tell the difference between "Bye Bye Bye"(which is about a gurl controlling him/them sense u and all the other BSB fans aint smart enough to figure it out) and "Tearin Up My Heart".OH and by the way Mr.Fatone is Gettin married to his Girlfriend of 12 years who is the mother of his Child next year.I dont think its right that Yall can run your little tight ass mouthes bout Our Guys But yall ganna tell AOL if we Diss Howies Hair??? Pre-School? How old are u anyways? If ya dont liek it Dont start the words of Justin Timberlake and i do quote "Cry Me A River"!!!!Oh by the way do u have the sales of Nick's Solo what was it called? "Im a Brian Adams wanna be"???? Justin's was soooooooooooooooo Better...and He has the VMAS to prove it.I Say if you stand the critisizem that we dish out about BSB Dont Start it By Dissin Nsync.We only retaliate to shit like this.Were nice people some of us really are.I Have some friends who are BSB fans,Just dont diss em and we wont Bitch about BSB.And dont say im immature and a baby and stupid and all the shit like that...cause after all ur the one who made a site directly dissin NSync.You Seirously need to get ur facts strait...By teh way Justin can sue you for Fuckin with the words to "PoP" Just to let u know that...and if you dont live under a rock that gurl he "Hit" Lied she said In Court that she Just wanted his money.He is 100% innocent.If you wanna Bitch at me do it to my face like i had the "Balls" to tell u what i thought My email is



And here is my reply:


Dear Steph,


Thank you for your thoughtful comments.  In response, I would first like to say, and I quote, “Make Sure ur Facts are strait before you print the shit”  (or in intelligent English, “Make sure your facts are straight before you print the shit”).  I’m assuming the “shit” in question is the “BSB vs. *NSYNC” section of my website.  You’ve obviously spent a great deal of your time reading the ways in which BSB are better than *NSYNC and so on, but I’m afraid you’ve overlooked a few details.  Before or after each section of the page, I give credit to whoever wrote or sent in the material.  This means that I did not come up with any of it myself and don’t claim to have.  So you really need to inform the contributors that their facts are not “strait” (if that is indeed the case), not me.


Thank you for summarizing *NSYNC’s life story for me.  Now the next time I ask myself, “How did that wonderful, oh-so-talented quintet of musicians known as *NSYNC come together?” I will know the answer.  I can’t imagine a situation in which I would care to know that information, but hey, useless trivia does come in handy every once in awhile.


I love your use of irony in the phrase, “which is about a gurl controlling him/them sense u and all the other BSB fans aint smart enough to figure it out.”  My fellow Backstreet Boys fans and I bow down to your intelligence and wisdom.


Oh wonderful, I’ll be sure to send my congratulations to Mr. Fatone and his lucky bride.


I’m afraid you’re guilty of typecasting in the following statement: “Yall can run your little tight ass mouthes bout Our Guys But yall ganna tell AOL if we Diss Howies Hair???”  If I’m translating your Teenybopperese correctly (and forgive me if I’m mistaken; I’m not fluent in Teenybopperese), you are grouping all Backstreet Boys fans together, and one should never do that.  It leads to stereotypes and prejudice, and it is just plain ignorant.  Sane Backstreet Boys fans (which means those who are not teenyboppers) would never complain to AOL about *NSYNC fans dissing Howie’s hair.  I can’t speak for all BSB fans in saying this, but I personally see nothing wrong with poking fun at Howie’s hair.  I poke fun at BSB all the time.  It’s the teenyboppers who can’t handle joking, and I don’t appreciate your insinuation that all BSB fans are psychotic teenyboppers.  It would be wrong of me to assume that all *NSYNC fans are stupid, ignorant boppers like… well, I won’t even finish that statement.  I am well aware of the fact that there are many nice people out there who like *NSYNC.  Good for them.  Taste in music has nothing to do with how “nice” someone is.


To answer your question, I am not in preschool.  I am a Presidential Scholar and honors student in college, actually, and I’m eighteen years old.  How old are you?


No, I don’t know the sales of “Now or Never” offhand, nor do I care to know.  I bought the album the day it came out, I loved it, and I can’t wait till Nick puts out his second one.  It makes no difference to me how many other people feel the same way.


Thank you for sharing your opinion of Justin Timberlake.  I hate to burst your bubble, but MTV and the VMA’s do not measure what is “good”.  Let me know when Justin wins his first Grammy, and once I regain consciousness, I’ll be happy to come celebrate with you.


My website is actually a BSB fanfiction site.  If you didn’t come through the main page, you can visit it at  The page you apparently viewed is only one section, so no, I did not make a site directly dissing *NSYNC.  I must admit, however, that it was once a dream of mine to create an *NSYNC humor page inspired by the late and great “’NSync ‘NDuces Vomiting.”  Sadly, I got too occupied in more productive hobbies to make this dream a reality.  Although I would have enjoyed your email a little more three years ago, it still gave me a laugh and brought back some of the old anti-*NSYNC fire that burns within my soul.  Thank you, Steph, for brightening my otherwise crappy morning.


Unfortunately for Justin and his lawyer, I do not know exactly who “fucked” with the words of “Pop,” so I’m afraid he won’t be able to pursue a lawsuit.


I’m sorry, I don’t meet in person with people I’ve met over the internet, so I won’t be able to bitch to your face.  It’s just not safe, and the fact that you have balls makes me even more leery.  What if you’re a forty-eight-year-old pervert waiting to rape me? 


If you’d like to email me back, my email is


Again, thank you for your comments, Steph.  In the words of Justin Timberlake, and I do quote, “Drums.”


Take care!






Round 2

My little buddy Steph surprisingly replied the same night.  I must admire her passion:



Im so shocked you actually had the nerve to write me back! im surprised,and i was refering to balls as Tits,Ya know the things Girls get when they turn 13?Maby u aint got them yet,Put it on your Christmas list Under Nick Carter's Dick Wraped in a yellow Condom.Maby Santa will see how good of a girl youve been this year and send ya some like he did Britney Spears!.All i asked was that you Update The "STUFF"(sense u dont like Shit) on ur site.and NO i didnt go through the whole Patheitc site.Justin Pleanty Worthy of anything he wins.And im Totaly Glad u Love Nick Carter's ablum,Im glad One of us in the world does.I Can be  a real nice chick,all i asked was that u posted somewhere on there that *Nsync does do alot of good and Make Millions and Billions Of Us "Stupid,Blind,Deaf,AssHoles" happy.If you did on your site tell me and i'll apologize,but i need proof...(Some BSB fans Lie)Not Sayin They all do.You give NSync some Respect i'll give BSB some,To Be honest I have 3 BSB Cd's I sorta like The 1st,Millenium is the best one yet,Black and Blue had maby 5 good songs and thats it.I Seirously think Nick sounds almost EXACTLY like Brian Adams,and Yea ill admit it at times Justin Sounds like Michael Jackson....NeverMind....By the way im happy to know u aint a teeny bopper,and im 17,and Im a Dancer,Singer and i have a demo commin out and i have a record labole lookin at me and my brother.Im Glad U know *Nsync's Life story did i forget to meantion that Chris had to live out of a car because his Stupid dad Left him and his mother?If You dont feel bad for him about that ur heartless.By The way i never knew You actually Listened to "Like I LOve You"...By the way i emailed you because you made the site weather u made the shit up or...OOps did i say shit? I Mean "INFO" Recieved it,i aint mailin every damn BSB fan in the world...i figure you can spread the word.So Again i give you Kudos for emailing me back...hope to hear from you soon! :0)


PS:About BSB Bein Better than *NsyNc...Let me quote Justin again

"Rule #1:I am ALWAYS Right

Rule#2:It There Is Ever A Time When I Aint Right Go Back To Rule # 1"


So naturally, I replied promptly:




Oh, don’t be shocked, I always reply to feedback, and honestly, it didn’t take any nerve at all.  What, did you think I would be scared of you?  As long as you don’t know where I live, I have no reason to be nervous.


You were referring to balls as tits?  Actually, you said “balls,” not “tits,” and the two aren’t really interchangeable… they’re actually very different.  Balls are, ya know, the things that boys have?  I’ll bet four out of five of your *NSYNC people even have them.  Cool, huh?  Anatomy… good thing to know.


Oh thanks, hopefully I’ll remember to add those things to my list when December rolls around.  I sure do hope Nick will come WITH the dick wrapped in a yellow condom.  And what’s the deal with Britney?  She was with Justin, not Nick, remember.  Don’t tell me you’re getting the two of them confused.  I thought you were a big time Justin fan; you should know who his REAL senorita is/was.


Now let me get this straight… you want me to post on my website that “*Nsync does do a lot of good and Make Millions and Billions of Us “Stupid,Blind,Deaf,AssHoles” happy”?  Even if that made sense, why would I post it?  Dreamer’s Sanctuary is my website about my favorite group, and you need a reality check if you think I’m going to put up illiterate *NSYNC bopper ramblings just to appease you.


Oh, so you are a closet Backstreet fan?  Good for you!  And you have a demo coming out soon and a record label looking at you?  Good for you!  You let me know when your record comes out, and, again, when I regain consciousness, I’ll come celebrate with you (if I’m not already celebrating with you over Justin’s Grammy sweep).  You can give me your autograph, and I’ll become president of your fan club, okay?  Cross my heart.


Wow, sucks to be Chris, huh?  Good thing he’s made a bit of money.  I hope you didn’t expect me to break down into tears over that one cause I didn’t.  Sorry.  Now if you look at Brian, there’s someone who has had to deal with a lot.  Hmm, living in a car or almost dying… I know which one I would prefer.  Just putting it into perspective.


Oh sure, I have “Like I Love You” (or “The Drums Song,” as I so fondly call it) downloaded.  It cracks me up.


Yeah, I’ll be sure to spread the word to the other BSB fans.  I’ll get right on that as soon as I send out this email.


Well, kudos to you too for replying to me.  Aren’t you sweet?  =D


Take care!




P.S.  Wow, Justin really said that?  Someone’s got an ego.  I wouldn’t be quoting that one if I were you.  I personally am partial to, and I quote, “Here baby, hold my jacket… and then…”  Yup, that one’s deep.  A lyrical genius, Justin is.  Why ever didn’t he get a Grammy for that masterpiece?  Beats me.



Round 3


Steph said:


Let me get thing Strait I Could NEVER Mistake A Guy who has more Chins than a chinese phone book for Justin Timberlake.I Dont Like Britney Eaither aparently u aint smart enough to figure that out.Ya know its Really grown up of you do make fun of somebody who was in Chris's position,Brian had a hospitial to go to,Like AJ had Rehab,Nick had a Zoo,But Chris had nothing.You are the same Fuckin self centered dont give a shit about any one else except you and all the Retarted BSB fans and The most manufactured peice of Shit on earth.Its Real pathetic on how you claim to hate Justin so much that you had to download "Like I Love You" and even know the words...MMM Closet Justin Timberlake Fan,How bout you stay in that closet youd give all us Justin Fans a Bad name,Most of us actually care about other people's feelings,And I will email you when im makin millions and flippin bugers at buger king.I'll make sure and wave to you on TRL too,Ill even have Nick send ya a post card from the zoo too :) Oh Yea he doesnt have a dick to wrap up for you.Sorry :0) Im Glad ur tellin all the backdoor boy fans,Im Pleased,Over Joeyed,EsTatic!!!!!! I sugest you get a life and quit doggin people because you know they have real talent and they didnt answer an ad in a newspaper for "Be The Hottest Next Boy Band" Their REAL Unlike BackStreet.What a Gay Name anyways...Is that Where they get it up the ass? In The Backstreets? Probably.I Sugest you concentrate Realy hard on collage...Oh but then again why would you do that when you'll probably fail and then get kicked out because your a Damn Backstreet boys fan! LOL that cracks me up! and Justin is very intelligent...Is any BSB Former Student A Strat A+ Student? Maby Nick in Home-Ek,And yes thats how we spell it here,By the way thats lame comebacks tellin me if i spelled something wrong,No Shit i did it on purpose,I wanted to see how Lame you really were...Wow i was right VERY LAME.

"Ya know You think about it sometimes people Just destined destined to do what they do and thats what it is Now everybody dance!" That was a Very intelligent quote from Justin Timberlake now for another one "What song would I NEVER wanna hear again...."I Want It That Way" I HATE That Song!!!!" Even Better one!




To which I responded:




All I can say is wow… where do I start?  First of all, your ignorance and immaturity saddens me.  You must be one of the most immature seventeen-year-olds I’ve “met”.  Good thing you’ve got that record deal coming because if you ever somehow managed to get into college (doubtful) next year, you wouldn’t last a week.  When you grow up and go out into the real world, it’s good to have a little thing called “tolerance”.  That’s right, say it with me now:  TOL-ER-ANCE.  Good girl.  Tolerance means accepting people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, body types, etc.  It does not mean making racial slurs and gay bashing.  You can’t expect to be a successful popstar if you go around offending so many groups of people.  Look what happened to that chick from the Dixie Chicks when she made that comment about President Bush.  Just a little suggestion… it would sure break my heart to see people burn your debut album when they find out how ignorant, racist, and homophobic you are.


I’m not smart enough, and I’m immature for “making fun” of homeless people?  Don’t quite remember making fun, but I do recall your fat jokes, gay bashes, and slander against Chinese people.  Yeah, real grown up.


Brian had a hospital… AJ had rehab… Nick had a zoo… Chris had nothing?  Wait, I thought you said Chris had a car.  Don’t go changing your story on me now.


I’m self-centered… yet I care about all the “retarted” BSB fans?  Hm, I’d say that makes me a pretty damn caring person then cause there sure are a lot of BSB fans out there to care about.


I don’t claim to “hate Justin” so much… I just dislike him and his music (unless it has funny lyrics that make me laugh, then it’s tolerable).  Same way you apparently dislike the Backstreet Boys, yet admit to enjoying some of their songs.  We all have our own taste in music, and this may be a new concept, but we’re not all required to like the same thing.  I don’t see any amendments to the Constitution that require us all to convert to *NSYNC fans, do you?


So you plan to still work at Burger King while you’re touring the world and making your millions?  Wow, that’s really down to earth of you.  I’m impressed.  That’s a really good idea though; you’ll definitely want to have a job to fall back on in case the popstar thing doesn’t work out.  Way to plan for the future.


Oh, you’re more than welcome to wave to me on TRL, but I probably won’t see it unless you let me know in advance.  I’m not much of a TRL-watcher anymore, I’m afraid.  Outgrew that a few years ago.  I would love a postcard from Nick though; that would be cool.  Unfortunately, I can’t give you my address to give to him.  I still don’t know that you’re not really a forty-eight-year-old pervert who will hunt me down and rape me.


Thanks for the suggestions; I’ll definitely keep those in mind.  While we’re on the topic though, I might as well offer up a bit of advice to you too.  I suggest you concentrate really hard on middle school or high school or whatever school… and if you’re already dropped out, please, consider going back.  I know education isn’t really a necessity for you, since you’ve got your Burger King/popstar career all planned out, but it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to spell.  Spelling’s a good skill to have, really.


I’m really glad you amuse yourself.  You amuse me a lot too, though probably not in the way you think.


Well, good for Justin.  Did I ever say he was not intelligent?  Who would ever question his intelligence, with lyrics like the ones he writes?  I said they were genius, didn’t I?  Totally genius.  I commend him.


To answer your question (and I hope I’m interpreting this correctly; again, no expert on Teenybopperese here), I don’t know if any of the Backstreet Boys were straight A+ students.  Nor do I care.  It’s really all about the music for me.  You should be glad that grades don’t matter in the music business.   By the way, I never told you that you spelled anything wrong, but now that you mention it, your spelling is atrocious.  Remember what I said about spelling being a good skill to have?  Oh but wait, you did it on purpose?  Oh, well okay then.  It all makes so much sense now.  You wanted to see how lame I was, so you purposely made yourself look like a moron?  Gotcha.


*blink*  You think that lyric is intelligent?   Well, well, enough said right there.


Thanks for all the laughs, Steph.  I truly appreciate what you’re doing for me and my readers.  You’re keeping them entertained while they wait for more story chapters.  Can’t wait for more of your great material!


Take care!





Round 4


Her email:


Ha Ha Ha...Humor yourself huh? Rasist? What No sense of humor? or was it just to damn good of a comeback for you to think up another one?Sense you have "The Millions" of BSB fans laughing with you,I Wonder what The "Billions" of NSync fans would think about this.Talk about imaturity,Its Really mature for an 18 year old collage student to have a "Bash *NSync Site" or atleast a page.I promise!What did you really acomplish? Im Bitchin at you only because i believe owe NSync my life and its way to complicated of a story to tell you because i dont think you could keep up.You have things all Fucked up in your mind dont you? Im a Gay Basher? Funny tell my friend Shane That who 100% Gay.He would laugh in your face.I aint predutice against nobody.Thats Bullshit.As far as i know your some Lessy gettin some sick pleasure out of my spunk.EW i wouldn't wanna meet you if you payed me.Oh i see Burger King Fired you huh?.Now i work there? Thats Funny Last time i checked it was McDonalds (JOKE) <---im ganna write that every time i tell a joke because you aparently have no sense of humor or any brains to figure it out,so ill be nice and help.If this is Just about Music then why dont you give **NSYNC credit? Oh and i dont like BSB's songs anymore i said i USED to.I'll make sure to wave to all BSB fans it'll go something like this so i can prepare you *Sticks middle finger in the air "Hi Yall!" "Much Love BSB!!!"* HA HA.PopStar? Really? I am? Damn.Thats Funny I never said PopStart,Some more dillusions? Maby your imaginin me Dressed Like Britney Spears sense you aparently like her,Ya im ganna be sick.I Think your the most Diverse "Mature"(Joke) Humorus Kindest(Ha) Bitch ive ever met.I Meant that with all my heart really i did.Its funny your psycic or somethin,you can see my future...I can see yours too,Wait a minute im havin a vision...Yes...yes Oh i see its you standing over a grave filled with BSB memoribillia Oh what a sad site BSB is dead,No More "Quit Palyin Games" Damn Thats My Fav Song(Joke).The funniset thing about you is that you can diss Nsync but Nsync fans cant diss BSB,Because its Racial slurs,Gay Bashing oh and probably slandering too Not to meantion that i dont like "Fat People" My own mother has a weight problem and i dont love her? Common thats Just stupid,You dont know me and have no right assuming something that isnt true,so to that i say FUCK OFF.Thats Just plain funny,im not the only one whos made a moron of myself,atleast im not a BSB fan.Its just stupid to like something thats not realy put together bythemselves.Quite frankly its pathetic.What your problem is is that you dont see real talent when its right in front of your face.You dont want to admit Nsync or Justin has talent.They jepridize BSB's future and you cant handel that.I Tried to be your friend and handel this differently but sense your immature and im immature(Joke) were sunk huh?If you werent immature you wouldn'ove answerd this,I mailed another BSB fan and she didnt go and email me back,She was mature about it,Unlike you,arent you gettin laid or somethin?(joke) I dont give a fuck to know that.Or what you do lay for that matter.If you have a problem with the way i spell dont read the shit,and dont fuckin bitch at me.You just go ahead and believe school is great,collage is just a place for hoes like you and a bunch of asshole smokin crack heads to just have party after party.Or to get away from their home.I could get into any collage i please.I Can also have a basketball scolor im 6'1.But your probably right i wouldnt last at collage id be to buisy beatin asshole's like you up.Anger management didnt work too well.Me and Eminem must have checked into the same join Damn Puppets.(JOKE LAUGH its good for you).I think your insucure.I bring good solid facts to the plate about nsync and you freak because im right and you cant handle it.Well its been fun but i have alot of Nsync fans to address.

"Bye Bye Bye"


PS...even 3 year olds cought onto that i didnt hear any 3 year olds goin "And That Makes You Larger Than Life"Talk about Kissing fans's asses. That just reeks with "Buy my Cd and I'll Love You Ha Ha Ha!" you just got screwed! Ha ha!



Mine (written on 9/11/03)




Your persistence intrigues me, I’ll give you that much.  Most boppers, BSB and *NSYNC alike, give up after about round two.  Yet you’ve prevailed.  For that, I commend you.  You’ve gone a long way to defend your favorite music group, and I admire your dedication.  But since you owe them your life, I guess that’s to be expected.


You also have an incredible sense of humor.  Wow.  You’re funny.  You should consider stand-up comedy instead of music or fast food as a career.


Do you know what today is?  Probably not, since your *NSYNC obsession probably keeps you from thinking about important things, but today is September 11.  Two years ago, thousands of people lost their lives due to an act of terror against America, due to hate.  After that, people of Middle Eastern descent were persecuted because of ignorance and hate.


Please, please, Steph, get a reality check.  It’s actually okay for people to differ in opinion and taste in music, and hurling random insults at someone who has a different opinion is not going to get you anywhere.  If you want anyone to respect your opinions, why not try saying something meaningful, something that has a point?  Why not make a good argument?  If a mature *NSYNC fan who could spell had come to me, politely shared their opinion of my “Bash *NSYNC site,” made clear and reasonable points in defense of *NSYNC, and asked me to take it down, I would at least think about the matter and consider.  But a stupid little bopper who resorts to rude and discriminatory insults for lack of anything better to say will never sway me.  You’ve done nothing but entertain me, but since you think you’re so incredibly funny, hopefully you’ll take that as a compliment.


Good luck with your basketball scholarship, music career, and fast food job.






Round 5


Her email:


Yes i know today is 9/11 and im sorry people died because of that asshole binladdin i gave my moment of silence today.Im surprised you did to sense it looks like im not the only one with an "Obsession" By the way its so rude of you to make fun of people with LD problems.Ima slow learner i never leard how to spell certian things..sue me,Thats what happens when your dad is a pot head when your concieved.I am quite humorus aint i?Never did i say the word Hate That came from you,It seems to me you hate Nsync and  us Fans,which is discrimination and you dont respect OUR oppinions.I Did give great reasons why you were wrong about Nsync,you were just too damn Stupid to figure it out.I Never said you HAD to like Nsync ands thats just all there is too it.Nor did i ever say u had to stop likein BSB.All i said was give nsync some damn respect.You act like im fuckin askin for the whole entire world or somethin.Oh and by the way ill keep "Humoring" you untill i have the last word.I ALWAYS have the last word,Always.Ya know if BSB fans and Nsync fans could get along maby there wouldnt be so much violentnce at BSB and Nsync concerts.I was at an Nsync concert last year and some chick had her car decorated in Nsync stuff before we went in and when we came back out some BSB fan broke her windows flattened her tires and wrote on her car "BSB Rules".Now that is immiture.Thats why we dont like u guys well atleast some of you people.Im sure tho Nsync fans have done the same to BSB fans,I just wonder if they had it commin for doin it to an nsync fan's car first,but im not ganna judge that or say it was the right thing too do cause it wasnt.

*God rest all the lost souls of Sept.11th 2001*

May god have mercy on the evil souls who commited this act of violence  2 years ago on this dark day.








It’s so rude of you to make fun of people with mental handicaps.  I’m “too damn Stupid” to figure out your reasons why I was wrong about *NSYNC… so sue me.  That’s what happens when your mom listens to *NSYNC music while you’re in the womb.


May God have mercy on all the unfortunate teenyboppers who continue to send illiterate hatemail to indifferent webmistresses.





Round 6


Her email:


Well ya know an eye for an eye right? its about damn time you admit your too damn stupid.Thats what happens when my mom listens to Nsync while i was in the womb? wow Nsync's been around alot longer then BSB and what i thought they were.Damn and justin dont look a day over 23. Yes may God have mercy on your poor pathetic soul i agree,Amen.













Round 7


Her email:


Where's my snare? I Have no snare in my headphones!  *Bring Da Beat Back*! There ya go












Round 8


Her email:



Where's my snare?













Round 9


Her email:


*Bring Da Beat Back!*












Round 10


Her email:



*Bring da Beat Back*













Round 11


Her email:



*BURP* ah hold on aminute...*Whipes Chuncks off of the computer screen* Ah Much Better















1/10/04:  All has been quiet on the Steph front for four months now, but I just got another email from her today.  Here’s all it said:

Im So over that now.


Well, good, Steph, so am I.  Have been for about four months now too.  <- I didn’t actually say this to her; these are just my thoughts.  I could have emailed her back, but I figured that could just start a “Me Vs. Steph: The Sequel” and who really wants to go through all that crap again?  It was fun the first time around, but yeah, time to move on.   The end.



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