Fan Signs



Back when this was the cool thing to do, these are “fan signs” made for me by friends and visitors to the site.




No, YOU ROCK, Laureen!!  Thanks for the HOT animation, BNCS!!! =D





Aww, thanks, Kaz!!  And that is an amazing portrait of Kevin!





Just because… awww!!!  Thank ya, girlie!!!





Aww!  Thank you, Mandie!!!




Ooh, that pic is really hot! LOL.  Thanks, Nicky!  LOL  And thanks, Mandie and Jessi!






OH… MY… GOD… *drools*  So hot… so so hot… er… yeah… anyway… thanks, Bean!!! ;)





Thanks, Kaz!  This one’s a hand-drawn one too!  Wow!





Hi, Bri!  Thanks, Kev!  *winks at Nick*  *blows kiss at Howie*  AJ… oh yeah, baybee!   Thanks, Mandie! LOL






Thanks again, Mandie!





Thanks to my friend Hayley for this one!  Love you too, Bri!  And don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you… ;)




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