Random Amusements



Bored?  Here are some funny pages to waste your time, just as they have wasted many hours of mine. :)



Note: Some of these sites contain material that some might find offensive.  None of it is meant to be taken seriously, but if you are easily offended, click at your own risk.


* = mature content





BSB Choose Your Own Adventure Stories


I Want a Fat Babe (IWITW parody)


Which Backstreet Boy is Gay?


Weird Al – The Ebay Song (IWITW parody)


BSB – Behind the Music That Sucks


Asian Backstreet Boys - IWITW


Asian Backstreet Boys - ALAYLM





Assassin – Kill Celebrities


E! Online Games


South Park Games


Harry Potter Games




Escape from Neverland


Paris Hilton’s Cellphone




Create a “Hottie”


The Barney Fun Page


Stress Relief Aquarium



Flash Movies / Video Clips


End of the World


She Freakin’ Blocked Me


History of the F-word*


Michael Jackson – I Never Copped a Feel


Star Wars Episode III Spoof


The Llama Song


America, Fuck Yeah!*


Rainbow – F-ed Up British Kids Show*


eBaum’s World









Da Ebonics Translator


The Poopie List


Application to live in Kentucky


Jests and Jokes


Where Babies Come From in Germany*



Random Miscellanea


Bubble Wrap


Face Transformer


Human Transformer


Name Generators


Forward Garden


Make the most random E-Cards ever!



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