Goodbye Kevin




The following poem was written by Pat, shortly after it was announced that Kevin was leaving the Backstreet Boys.She sent it to me, and I really liked it; I think it expresses the feelings many of us have and also sends some great well-wishes to Kevin, so I decided to put it up on the site for your reading pleasure.Pat has asked that I not post her email address here, but if you have any comments or reactions that youíd like to share with her, you can email me at, and I will pass them on to her.


Goodbye Kevin


By Pat


Memories are meant to stay with you forever

Just in case you need to remember

And I'm glad I kept memories of you

So now that youíre gone, I have them to remind me of all you've been through

When I heard the news, I felt my heart sink

All of you went through so much (like, remember 'NSync?)

And still, you guys stayed afloat because of your talent

Now you've announced this is as far as you went

Sadness fills my heart

Remembering when you guys said Backstreet will never be apart

Memories so distant, yet so close

I understand, don't get me wrong

I just want you to know how much you meant to me when you sung

I hate the fact that youíre leaving your brothers

But if they can understand, so can I

I accept your decision and wish you the best

But itís really hard to see you without the rest

I'm devastated, but happy for you

I am happy that you stand true to what you want to do

I know that if I ever want to hear your beautiful voice

I just have to close my eyes and bring back the memory of my choice

You mean a lot to me

I grew up listening to every Backstreet melody

You left four great guys who care for you

And when you told them, they understood they had to let you go

Memories I will keep forever in my mind

Memories I know you'll have too

And whatever you have planned for you

Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys, we wonít see

But your face, your eyes, your voice, and your smile are tattooed forever

In every Backstreet Boys fanís heart

The new Kevin will rise

You'll be great at whatever you do

And all your fans will be there to support you

You and the guys won my heart years ago

And for that, the memories of all five of you together, I will never let go

Now I have four who will continue the legacy

While one flies free

As the future comes nearer, I can't guess how long this legacy will go

But you will have my support, as will the other four

Thank you for music, passion, and love

Just maybe later on in your path, you and the guys will cross paths again

And sing again like you always have, like you never had a dead end

But if it never occurs, all your fans will have the memories

Yes, memories...

I wrote this poem for a reason

To show some how much I'll miss you

I never wanted a day like to come, but it has

Your days as a Backstreet Boy has passed

As I end this poem, I bring back yet another memory

You, playing the piano so gracefully

It brings tears to my eyes, but I remember a song you wrote

And now I use that song to, in some way, let you know what every fan thinks of this

Kevin, you will be Never Gone, in my heart is where you are, always close....

Goodbye, Kevin

We will miss you deeply




AN:The rest will always have my support, and hopefully later on in this long road we call life, the five will reunite, but until then, I miss Kevin, but he will have my support. But I will always be a Backstreet fan.



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