My Other Works


BSB fan fiction is my main writing-related hobby, but here are some other samples of “creative writing” I’ve done over the years, either for school or just for fun.



The Voice of My Generation

A short scholarship essay I wrote about my *favorite* female popstar, Britney!  (Note the sarcasm.)


3 Times the Terror; 3 Times the Brilliance

A mock review of the movie Critters 3.



A short story I wrote for a writing scholarship.


Gay Cowboys Eating Pudding

This is a mock ‘NSync slash site I made with my friend Susan.  It contains a short slash/comedy written by each of us and is NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. ;)


Meggie Writes a Story

A children’s book I wrote for one of my elementary education classes in college.


A Season of Miracles

An “award-winning” story I wrote in 8th grade, the year before I started writing fan fiction.  It bears a striking resemblance to some of my fanfics! ;)


*NDUSTRY BOYS:  The Boyband of the Industrial Revolution

A project for my high school world history class.



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