The Ultimate Collaboration



This is a project that has been ongoing for quite a while.Well, really, itís a fanfiction.A collaborated fanfiction.But instead of being written by just me and another author, like my other collaborated stories, itís written by you.Yes, you - the readers.†† Have you ever done those story starter things, where you get a few sentences, and then you have to write a story from it, and everyone adds a few lines?Well, this is like that.††


Scroll down a little and you will find links to the parts that have been written already, by me and others.Once youíve read whatís there, itís up to you to add to the story.†† If youíd like to contribute, write a few paragraphs, a few pages, whatever you want, and email it to me at



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Hereís what we have so farÖ



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