Humor Stories


I’m a big fan of humor stories and parodies, and this page contains links to some of my favorites about both Bsb, ‘N Sync, and some other popstars.  I did not write any of these – they were all written by other people.   If you’d like to read my attempt at a humor story, it’s called Backstreet Boys in the Shining, and it can be found in the My Stories section.


Warning:  These stories are all humor stories, meaning they all are making fun of Bsb or ‘N Sync in some way.  If you can’t handle jokes about these groups, read with caution. 


The Mig Witch Project


The Excorcist


Bsb on Titanic


Rebels for the Cause


Nicky Writes a Song


Final Fantasy Eight


The Tale of Frack and the Green Underwear


Bsb in Sex Ed.


Bsb on Jerry Springer


Bsb on “Who Wants to Be Millionaire”


The Backstreet-Sitter’s Club


Pop Star Sex Ed


Pop Star Prank Calls


* N Street


Pop Star Millionaire


Spreading the Despair



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